Having a Life Coach who has had experiences that resonate with what you are experiencing adds to the richness of your journey.  I have successfully pushed through many of my own "invisible fences":  
--  Getting married at an early age and raising a family;
--  Moving into more homes than I've had cars; 
--  Acting as the General Contractor building homes & living through major remodeling projects
--  Going through a divorce;
--  Handling foreclosure-then rebuilding my financial life; 
--  Attending my first funeral at the age of 34 which happened to be for my dad; 
--  Losing my mom 6 years later; 
--  Remarrying and dealing with the stepfather-mother/child issues;
--  Re-focusing and recreating my professional life
………and a few other personal trials and dramas along the way.

And then the unthinkable happened....

In 2001, just weeks before I should have celebrated a milestone birthday, my twin sister passed away after a 5 year battle with ovarian cancer.  My entire world changed that day…and so did my entire inner being.  I immediately became involved in a non-profit organization which supports twins who have lost their sibling, at any stage of life. I began reaching out to others in my same situation…others who were longing for the hand of friendship and the embrace of understanding.  Since 2001, I have borne witness to hundreds of twins who needed support and have selflessly given my shoulder for their tears to fall upon and have helped provide a stable foundation for their continuing journey.  (See a list of articles for references to my work by looking under the Articles tab.)
As the years have passed, these thoughts about my own situation led me to consider the challenges which other individuals face in the broader world.  I've met people during my life journey who seem in need of a true path or plan to remove obstacles in their way and get to the other side of whatever is preventing them from moving forward to achieve their life's goals. 

After an enormous amount of research and guidance, I am delighted to have found life coaching, a process where the team of client and coach enables the client to self-realize their own potential and goals.  The role of a life coach is to guide you, the client, through any of life's circumstances, whether it be based around business or career decisions, romance, financial, personal or emotional topics.  Whatever seems to have you fenced in, we will work on it together.

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"Hi Debe,
I just wanted to thank you for your help.  I must admit that I was a little skeptical about "the process" and the life coach concept but it makes much more sense now.  You did a great job!  Your patience and empathy helped me feel very relaxed.  You asked all the right questions to help me realize what my next steps should be to improve my situation.  I have your number on speed dial.
Thanks again,
…………Dria John