In order to answer this question, I need to define what coaching is.  Simply stated, coaching is a partnership between a supportive coach and client in a thought-provoking and creative process.  This process will maximize the personal and professional potential of the client.
Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Are you ready to create more balance in your life?
Are you ready to improve your personal or business relationships?
Are you ready to make real and positive changes in your life?
Are you ready to find and live your life's purpose?
Are you ready and willing to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behavior?
Are you ready to create plans and take action to achieve your goals?
Are you ready to achieve a sense of fulfillment at work and in your life?
Are you ready to have more fun and enjoyment in your life?
Can you benefit from someone who will help you to stay on track?
Are you ready to Bloom! ?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you are an excellent candidate for coaching.  Coaching is an investment in yourself.  It's a process which will help you think outside of the box and to explore new areas for a more positive and satisfied professional life.  In your personal life, coaching can help you, for example, learn:‚Äč
  • How to communicate with your spouse or significant other so you will be "heard' and help you realize if your expectations are set too high.
  • How to create strategies as a parent
  • How to team with the young adult through listening and communication. 
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Are you a candidate
Life Coaching can also be highly beneficial if you are going through one of life's many transitions. If you are experiencing grief, a Life Coach can help you create simple ways to embrace loss, at your own pace, in your own time. This is also true with divorce or separation, when it feels as if your life has fallen apart.  Or when you become an "empty-nester" and you face handling the change in your home, a Life Coach can help guide you toward a new level in your life and help you discover new passions and focus.
If you're still not sure if you're a
candidate for the Coaching
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