People can be part of your invisible fence, too.  Confrontations at work, at home or anywhere can put you in a place where you may be apprehensive to approach a particular person---something that you know must be done in order to correct a problem and to secure peace in your daily life.
As your Confidence Coach, I will work with you to Remove Your Invisible Fence.  As a cooperative team, we will work together to reestablish your goals.  Perhaps you have not yet clearly defined those goals and they are still a "work in progress". As the forward-thinking team of client and coach, our work will be designing the framework for your goals and how you achieve them, identifying and removing your invisible barriers (fences), and empowering you to obtain whatever you seek in the future.
Remove The Invisible Fence :  It happens to all of us.  You set a goal for your career or in your personal life, and something holds you back.  You allow yourself to get off track from the end result, and stay corralled within the confines of an "invisible fence". Perhaps this builds an internal chaos for you which results in confusion or frustration, and which might lead to unnecessary stress or the beginning of depression.  You know you need to accomplish your goals—you made these goals because they are important to you on one level or another.  Yet, you remain looking only through that invisible fence.

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