There comes a time when we all need to take inventory of our lives, our minds, our bodies and make the decision to move forward with improvement.  I hope you take the steps to get healthy with coaching for your minds' sake.  And in addition, I encourage you to also take the steps to improve your body -- in whatever way that may look.

Each morning, when you see yourself in the mirror, are you happy with the reflection? Stepping out of the house each day looking the best you possibly can not only in the clothes you are wearing, but how you feel about your face and the aging process can significantly deter your confidence. 
I can now offer you an amazing alternative with results that are revoluntiary.  NeriumAD is a single night-cream product that is helping thousands build their confidence.  Please contact me for a 5 day sample or visit   

If toning up, and firming your skin is something you would benefit from, then you will need to take action. Nerium also has a product that addresses loose skin, celliute and dimpling for the body.  Talk to me about The Firm body lotion (415.713.9030)

I have found that is coaching a benefit to setting mind and body improvement goals. During the coaching period, it is uncovered that more focus is required; loss of focus and memory is a product of the aging process.  Nerium International has partnered with Dr. Jeffrey Stork of Princeton University and we now can offer an anti-aging product for the mind, EHT.

If improving your well-being, your mind and your body---which will also improve your spirit-- is something you want to do, take a few moments to glance at a product line that I feel would be an incredible addition to anyone's day


To help you relax, purify, consider doTerra Essential Oils:

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