By visiting this website, you acknowledge that you have some kind of need or desire for coaching.  I applaud you for that.  Hundreds of people never recognize that they have an option to move forward with their goals and, therefore, their life.

This very brief overview of how coaching works could help you make the decision for this life-changing process.

Once you complete the information on the contact portion of this webpage, you'll receive an email from me.  There is a link on the email that you need to "click". 
From that point, I will contact you via phone.  This initial conversation will allow both of us to decide if we will mesh together as we investigate your needs.  We will discuss your over-all goals and issues. 
If we are in agreement that we will make a good team, I will send you paperwork to complete and ask that you either email or fax back to me before our first scheduled session…so during our first session we can begin the coaching process promptly.  Sessions can be done over the phone, or if you are in the Ventura, California area, you are welcome to come to my home office.

I ask that you make a commitment to me … & to yourself…of at least three months of coaching, with each month consisting of three  45 minute sessions .  During the third session we will analyze your progress and your need for further coaching.

Again, coaching is a partnership between client and coach.  If the partnership is not solid, the coaching will not be successful.  Our initial call will not obligate either one of us.

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